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102D868B-D63C-4628-8E64-515F80A22A06Does anyone know a vendor who has or can make a custom script emblem?

I’m looking to replace my “1600 SUPER” emblem with something more specific to my current motor.  Maybe there is someone out there that makes a “1776”, “1915”, “2110”, etc. emblem?  I want to keep with the original look, just change the displacement...


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  • 102D868B-D63C-4628-8E64-515F80A22A06
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TheMayoMachine posted:

@Robert M : Excellent!  Thank you for the leads.  Looking at the sites you listed I see they all affix their emblems with adhesives.

I’m not sure how that will work...does anyone have experience with adhesive badges, etc. on their Speedsters?  All the ones I have have posts and are secured on the inside of the fiberglass.

@TheMayoMachine All current car manufacturers secure their emblems with adhesive and that stuff sticks like no one's business. I just bought a 2018 Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel and that had a lot of badges on it. I took them all off and it was a pain in the a$$. I tried the heat it up and dental floss trick but that was too hard. Maybe I didn't heat it up enough. Instead I used a plastic putty knife and took off the emblem first. Then heated up just the adhesive and peeled it off. Still a pain but it went faster than dental floss.

Of course you want to put yours on, not take them off. I wouldn't worry about the adhesive. If it is the same stuff as the car manufacturers they stay on just fine.


Merlot has been stored in garage since 2013. She is up and running like a banshee now. The mileage is only 9500 kilometers. I used The Tennessee title to finally get a NC one. The Tenn title indicate that the Beck was. 1957 Porsche Speedster replica. The NC title and registration she is a 1957 Porsche Speedster. This should get some reactions from Speedster owners that have had all sorts of registration problems. 

I was going to Carlisle, but my mechanic told me not to drive my 911 Carrera. The Beck was still in the garage. But, not now!!!! The Carrera is no longer in my stable. If it can’t go far, I don’t need it. 

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