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I have created my own horn button for my project, and in the process, decided to make a few extras for sale and to recover the investment.

There are two sizes, the MOMO Style, that fits 6 screw steering wheels, and the larger for 9 bolt steering wheels. I can sell you the complete kit with 15” steering wheel and adapter or just the button. 

I currently have 5 of each size

San Diego, Ca

Momo style button $50 (with screws and wiring).

larger 9 bolt button $150 (with screws and wiring)

steering wheels are $170 and adapters $75



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James007 posted:



Where did you buy this horn button?  I built a similar adapter for my steering wheel and used a horn button that has a single terminal on the back that grounds to the housing.  I have a problem with continuity for my horn circuit using the grounding method.  I would like to have a horn button with two terminal and use it for a simple switch in my horn circuit.

This is mine:



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James, I like your work. It may be exactly what I'm looking for for my 550 Spyder project. The current 'situation' leads me to shop around for at least a horn button as seen in the pictures, then I am considering a black banjo-style wheel, and at that point, need the adapter too. I would be interested in the wheel, adapter, and horn buttons that you have, all 3. Can I send you more pics and perhaps get a better understanding if this will all mate up? Send me a PM if needed and I'll give you my number. -Marcel I'm in CA also.



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I believe Carey bought a batch of those for Beck, and I'm getting one in my Coupe.

I'm taking 2 BECK lapel pins and making some custom seatbelt latches. I think they are going to look great, will send a picture. Thanks Carey!

Question for the group, which way should the logo face? I figure when you look down at your lap, logo should be right-side up? No?

Lane: yes, he did.

This is what the ones AASE Bros sell look like. 2CC7BC68-3D19-45B9-B9EE-72C94F5E1AFEThe ones Stoddard sells don’t have a logo on them. Regardless, I’d put them on do the top is the top when they’re fastened.


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