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Hi, everyone.

Does anyone know who might build a customized speedster with a right-hand drive?  My wife is originally from Australia and when we retire we'd like to take the speedster with us and drive it there.

Or is it possible to have it converted (from a left to a right-hand drive) when we move abroad? 

Any thoughts or suggestions?



P.S.  I live in Fresno, CA so anyone close to me would be a bonus.

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There was a 359 advertised for sale here a month or so ago.  He cut the gauge eye brow off and moved it to the other side then patched dash on the left side. 

It could be done after being built - you'd need new front beam with steering box (?), suspension front arms (or maybe just flip left hand ones?),  gas tank with clearance for right steering column and right hand pedal assembly.  Of course wires would need to be long enough to reach to gauges on the other side.

As someone said it is hard to import a newly build Speedster into Australia though.+

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