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Hello to all,

Was under my car changing out the oil and noticed a small drip coming down from the CV Boot (see picture), After further inspection it looks like the boot clamp is no longer holding the boot on the CV.  Can someone advise me what make and size clamp to get to replace it with, along with where I can purchase it? All suggestions are welcome......Thanks!



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When one of mine broke, I took the opportunity to change out the whole kit and caboodle. The clamps that came with the boot kit sucked so I bought SS replacements from CAP Hardware. The added bonus is that they weren’t cheap slotted straps.

I wish I could remember the size for you. All I remember is that they were the smaller of the two widths available. (9mm and 11mm IIRC)

eta: From “Rick” at The Samba:

they are stamped 90-110mm large and 40-60mm small.

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I had a loose outer clamp on my Cayman. I discovered this AFTER I bought new boots, clamps, grease etc. You don't want to know how much a new or rebuilt axle is. I was all ready to remove and repack.

After I discovered the loose clamp, I simply replaced it with a new factory clamp. I'm sure I could have used a universal/cheap Amazon version as well.

Problem solved. No more grease on the inside of the wheel or chassis.

@Larry Scislowicz Wrap and mark a piece of string around the boot to measure the length. Divide by 3.14 to get the diameter. Order new clamps of the proper range. Bam.

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