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I discovered it won't work with my center-pull throttle linkage.

It is as new except I lengthened the slots where it bolts to the shroud.

I paid $70 plus $25 shipping.  Will sell for $45 plus $15 shipping.


1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI

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@aircooled (Bruce), thank you for your reply.  I have a crankcase vent hose where you have your tube.  You may be able to see in the photo that I had to grind away two of the ribs in the aluminum alternator backing plate to mount the tube.

I changed from CSP linkage to Vintage Speed but that didn't help.  I also considered JayCee linkage but it looked like that wouldn't work either.

I have given up on using Da Tube and will go back to my original method of holding the wires.  I spent more than just the cost of the tube trying to get it to work - new wires and connectors and crimping tool.

You got me all excited when I saw I had a Da Tube response.  I thought I had a buyer.

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