I love to drive my Speedster as often as possible and that is why I have it. I have spent many hours and dollars on getting it the way I want it. The front of my beautiful car has taken one hell of a beating this season in 3000 miles of driving, the most recent this morning driving in to work. A rock seemingly from nowhere cracked into the front of my Speedster. I always know the sound and cringe and dread arriving to my destination to see the newest blemish. I wish I would have had the plastic film stuff applied before this first season however I have read that this isn't the cure all either. I love my car and hate to see it damaged but own it for the sole purpose of driving it. How to the rest of you deal with this?

 PS. This newest blemish appears to have taken off the clear only so I will try to touch it up with clear and blend it in with fine sanding and polishing. Many of the rock chips have gone all the way to the red gel coat the car started life as.

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D@MN Jimmy, sorry to see that. I know we all talk about our cars being "made to drive". But there is NOTHING wrong with wanting to keep it looking great for as long as possible. Get that fixed and after it cures immediately take it to get clear film applied to the areas most likely to get hit. I don't see rock chips as a badge of honor any more, I see them as small bombs trying to destroy our cars. If people want to know if you drive your car have them look at the odometer.

@Jimmy V. i so feel your pain....my black car is kinda easy to touch up very small wounds.....but i did get hit with what seemed like a BULLET a while back and really HATE the cringe feeling!.....  i too was talked out of the clear bra .....you see the line and if you ever have to remove it....things can go very bad

Well I had no film, and I tried a bra which I hated as you can't put it on without the front being clean and then it may discolour so on my IM I have Xpel film. 

It's better but not perfect as it also chips after a while and while blemishes can be a pain I know they can make some patched to it as well.  

In the end after X years, 5 for mine and it is still looking ok,  you get to change it.  You might discover that you need to touch some spots on the paint at that time.  

I try to leave a lot of space especially when I follow cars but especially larger vehicles and truck.  It never fails when I see a truck carrying granular empty something always falls off it when he hits a bump.   The guy has no headspace to think about cleaning the truck before he leaves his dump site.  

I read some thread were the guy had the car for 30-50 years and restored it 3 times

Keep driving it. 


FU, What horror stories did you hear about Xpel film?  Once you have it I think you need to put another on or repaint the car but I am ok with putting another one on.  My only regret is that I should have done the whole front.  So I only have a line across the fender area, mid way,  but my whole hood is completely done and all the front going down even the bumper is done as we removed all the front bling and re-installed after.  My vote is for Xpel any day. 

I know that feeling - seeing the stone bouncing toward you and then the TWACK! when it hits and your heart drops through the seat of the car.  It sucks.

I had the clear film applied back in 2004 or so.  Had a couple of small dings (<1/16" ) on the nose before application and gotten one since it was applied that penetrated the film.  That one I touched up with clear nail polish so no biggie.  Had a number of stones and acorns and such since 2004 (you can seldom swerve out of the way, right?) but the film has taken care of all but that one.  After 15 years it is just now beginning to show traces of yellowing, but only if the light hits it just so.

The stuff ain't cheap at around $1K per pop, but cheaper than a new paint job, for sure. 

I have Xpel on my black BMW daily driver, and have replaced it twice in the 8 1/2 years I've had the car.  The subtropical climate here works a number on it, but it's better than having to get the front repainted.  With the sand we have around here, the container trucks, the dump trucks (major building boom happening), and the lack of street cleaning, my previous cars look awful after a few years.  I am already on windshield #5 on the BMW.

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