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Hey all-I'm getting set to re-install my lexan windscreen and I'm looking for a suitable mirror. I've looked a lot, and the best I've found is a jaguar/Aston mirror from some site in the UK, but when I really checked into it, it's way too big. Mercedes SL 300 mirror, same thing, not to mention, they're $150 solutions to $30 problems. 

Im looking for something that mounts with a 2-3 bolt flange. I think the Fibersteel mirror looks half-assed with that bolt on the dash. Also, as much as I love Raydot's I don't think they'll work with a full width screen. (Nor would it look good, IMO.)

Anyone have any ideas?


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@DannyP posted:

I have this mirror if you're interested. It's a spun aluminum cone and is 4" in diameter. It mounts close to the surface though. The black area is steel with a 1" or so mounting/pivot bolt. 

No idea what it's from.20200528_06433820200528_064408

Looks like a Raydot's reproduction. I like the way they look with solo sindshield and hard tonneau covers. Full screens, not so much. The cobra one Carey posted will be perfect. 

Original VW tank:

OD of the filler neck is 2-1/4”

OD of the VW gas cap is 2-1/2”

Thanks Gordon, but I'm talking about the flip-tops on Spyders. But after further consideration, I need to verify all the dimensions, not just the filler ID. I don't want to buy a cap based on the filler neck only to have it too large or too small for the hole in my hood. 

Looks like I have to peel myself up of the couch and go down there. May as well go for a drive while I'm about it. 

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