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After going around the neighborhood with my son I decided to hit the road. What I realized is why we have these goofily little cars. While my daily driver (Audi RS5) has a ridiculous amount of HP and torque with a 0-60 in 3.5 seconds the speedster just makes me constantly smile. The weather was sunny and clear with a temp around 78, bring on fall  



Joe Fortino 


-2016 Beck Suby Speedster - Batavia, IL


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x2 @Joe Fortino.   Hard not to smile while behind the wheel of our cars.  

 The only upside of this COVID bit are the empty roads and no traffic.   Seems like I have been takIng  the car out almost every day for a 1hr long cruise to unwind after work, and I hardly see any cars when I hit the side roads outside of our city center.

My daily drivers are not getting any mileage. 

keep on cruising!

Yeah, my wife and I went for a ride today, it was 75 and gorgeous.

However, being 70 miles north of NYC, light traffic is a negatory here. I wish. Lots of weekenders who now work remotely from their SECOND homes up here. Lots of people home and bored. Walking their dogs/kids down the roads. Going to state parks. Just driving around. Our roads seem to be MORE crowded than usual, at least during the day when they used to be empty.

I'm not complaining, it's great to see people being outside and healthy. And spending time with their families. Important stuff.

My wife and I each had our kids over for dinner. It was a good day and a great evening.

It was 48F when I got up this morning!!!!
It finally warmed up later on, but it was chilly mid-afternoon when I did a 50 mile loop out to my undergrad college in Dudley, MA.  Stopped at Rich MacKoul’s shop on the way home (he has the original ‘55 Speedster in town) to catch up on local 356 gossip.  If it stays cool like this I’ll be closing the pool and finding the sox I put away last May!

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