How are your deck lids vented?  Mine is solid with the single grill, but I do not see any opening for the air to vent. The originals had a lower panel below the grill that was opened on each side. Curious as to the best way to vent the lid?


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Panhandle Bob posted:

ALB will be over with a drill and a bunch of bits and hole cutters soon. Just let him know your address.......and supervise him closely.

Poor Al.  Being publicly castigated simply for only wanting to drill a few little holes here and there...  

I can't remember is my original IM 2110cc had any opening either.  Maybe from the sides but not directly through the grill.  

Maybe they were trying the McPherson method ... away from the center.

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 I have done this a number of times and works well, Just be sure not to have an opening directly above the distributor . Add a retangular opening behind the license plate...( IM) Use rubber bumpers to off set the place from the body.

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