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Ron's pulling his hair out over a frustrating stumbling of his FI system in hot weather.


Mike and James do a terrific diagnosis of the problem and suggests solutions...followed up by the wry comment to pull the FI and bolt on 44 Webers!!


Stan points out the complexity of these FI solutions and advises Ron to find a nice pair of Dellortos!!


At Danny's Carlisle carb clinic it was pointed out that there was a great similarity between them... My question then is simply "What is the difference between Dellortos and Webers?", and "Why do each have such adament proponents??

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Carl  --  I think you might have intended to post on speedsters, not spyders.  Maybe it was that subliminal thing between Danny and spyders.


In any case, people tend to support what they are comfortable with.  Danny is a pro when it comes to the Webers, Stan can field strip his Dells blindfolded.  I have Dells, that's where my comfort is, and that's what I would recommend (As long as you are OK with the idea that Dells have been out-of-manufacture for years and parts supply is dwindling.  In other words if you are shopping for Dellortos you are going to be shopping for used carburetors.)


So which is better?  The Dellortos, of course!  Actually, they really are.  Their progression ports allow smoother off-idle transition, their idle jets are accessible from the top, they have a larger assortment of jets and tubes, their adjustment screw threads are finer for more precision, and the needle valves are more pointed (again for better precision). 


How much does any of that matter?  None, really.  Although the Dells have some technical advantages they amount to just that -- "technicalities".  As far as real-world "practicalities" the Webers are equal to the Dells for anything you need.


There is a myth that Dells hold their "tune" better than Webers, but that isn't true.  Once adjusted both carbs maintain their adjustment until someone intentionally takes a screwdriver to them.  Both Dells and Webers are essentially set'um-and-forget'um.  The guy who is constantly tuning on his carbs is almost always chasing problems unrelated to the carbs.  The guy who (in a fit of frustration) gives-up on his carbs and replaces them with FI is your new best friend:  He now has a perfectly good set of carbs for sale!


So in the end it all comes down to this:  Dellortos are better (because that's what I have).


I had a set of 44 Webers when I purchased my CB EFI kit.  Unfortunately, these are the Webers that were on the car when it caught fire.

They're crispy critters now.




Life is a learning curve that doesn't seem to diminish much as I get older.  I thought that EFI would solve my problems.

It didn't.


I still say that Speedsters and Spyders should be combined.  It must make for a "grander" website to have them separated---I don't get it.


Dells Vs. Webers---it's not just "what you have"  because I've had 'em all and the Dells to me are the best.  I started off with Kadrons--zero trouble but only a 1915 Type I, Webers, and the EMPI Webers and now the Dells.


If you get yer Dells from Art Thaen you are getting a blueprinted item which means back to factory new specs. So this is a lot different than just "used carbs".  The case of my engine is from a perfect 914 case but I don't consider my engine to be a used engine----same for carbs.    In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the Dells moving parts run on ball bearings---not just metal against metal like the Webers and Empis.


This topic has really been beat to death---do a search for more info.  Bottom line---I like my Dells and feel they are the ultimate short of FI.  And a hell of a lot less trouble than FI judging from many posts on here.


Thanks for letting me "visit" the separate Spyder site!

Theron---Yes, I knew that Spyder owners was a totally separate site but when it was SOC there were a LOT of Spyder folks on there.  In fact there were so many Spyder owners on I always thought they WERE combined and that Spyder Owners was just a separate site---like Gordon's and Larry's sites were separate from the SOC.  I actually was not aware that Spyder owners were put together so I learned something there!  I just thought it was the Same Speedster and Spyder guys that were on the SOC and then they were recently split on this new site.  My lapse---sorry on that misunderstanding on my part.  I get it now--thanks for the clarification.  I understand about loosing all the Spyder history too---maybe have a place on the new site named "Spyder History" and put all the Spyder history there?


One thought--just about the only difference between the two cars is the body shape---the rest is the same.  So if I ask a question about my distributor or the whel bearings or timing, both groups can provide answers.  Attendance at the events is combined but we now have two separate foruns  for events when both types of car will be in attendance. This is why I feel they should be combined.  Am I incorrect to say that the groups are separated just by the body styles


I'm glad we don't go to Carlisle or Pismo on separate weeks.  These events are combined---why not the two body shapes (Speedsters and Spyders).  If it's best to combine 'em for events why not on this site??


Since the new style site we now have started I have looked atthe Spyder posts 4-5X only.  Just don't go there ---same as when we had the SOC.  


I would love to see a survey on here to see what the folks feel---stay split or combine?  Rename "it" Speedsters meet Spyders---same as the theme of Carlisle.


My vote would be to combine them--assuming we could preserve the Spyder History somehow. 

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I agree with the guys; I also have 40 mm Dells and were basically plug and play. The Kadron/Solexes that came with the car were a little bit of a nightmare. The Dells idle great and are very smooth and driveable with no flat spots during acceleration. A really knowledgeable local Porsche and VW mechanic who also does racing engines tells me that Webers have better performance for the racetrack but if you want a nice driveable car on the street use Dells. I got mine through Ebay; there's a seller called alfa1750; his name is Gabrielle and he is in Italy; he has all the factory equipment and parts to rebuild them and sets them up like new. Highly recommended. He's got the set now for $725 but they are definitely worth it. You can get the manifolds, linkage and air cleaners from CB Performance and while you're at it get their Dellorto Tune up booklet. This is the link:

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