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Let's see...aluminum bodywork. Tube frame. No reserve and $7k with 18 hours to go... Yes, I like this one a lot.*

Has anyone here used or examined this supposed FAT Performance Type4 shroud? Does it work well?

*Oh yes, fear not, I hear all of your protests that it does not look enough like one of the 2 originals. Or it's "ugly." Whatever. I think it's stupid-cool.

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I can't comment on the provenance of the shroud (FAT/not FAT), but the similar T1 EMPI shrouds have a pretty bad reputation. When you think about what's happening inside the shroud, you can understand why.

The fan wheel is spinning CW (as viewed from the alternator end). The entire shroud is pressurized, but the "throw" of the fan is directly on top of the 1/2 cylinders, and on the walls or top of the shroud everywhere else. The better shrouds (OE VW, DTM, and most of the 36 hp replicas) have vanes inside the shroud to direct this air over to the 3/4 side in an attempt to cool both sides evenly. The T1 EMPI that looks like that is just hollow on the inside, and I'd suspect this one is as well (since it's made out of fiberglass and I see no rivets).

However - the T4 has a reputation for being super easy to cool, so maybe it'd work just fine. I wouldn't do it, but I tend toward overkill.

As far as the car: all of the parts bolted together on this car seem to total about 1/4- 1/2 of what the parts by themselves are worth. That says something about what most people think of it. But since you told us not to disparage the car,

I'm sure it's a great cook and has a lovely personality.

"said to have been built in 1980 for use in SCCA Class C Sports Racer competition" so possibly could be historic-race eligible.

But, right: roll bar is way too low and would need to be re-made.

per the shroud, I am very aware of the CB Performance version of this (and I happen to have a vane insert that would supposedly render one of those "good") which is why I asked about it as a supposed FAT item—good eye on the lack of rivets. It's not listed in their current catalogue.

@Stan Galat posted:

In what class are you planning on running it "on the track", Lane?

It looks like it would be a blast. I'm just not sure where you'd be able to use it.

I was thinking about track days, not real racing. There's an interesting mix of cars on the track in the various run groups.  Last time I was on a track it was fun to watch a full race tube-framed '63 Ford Falcon race car go bellowing by me.

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