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It is with great sadness that I offer my Speedster for sale. I bought the body and the guy told me it was a Vintage but when I talked with Kirk at Vintage he told me they never sold a bare body so I have no idea who made it or how old it is.  I've built it up from just a stack of parts. It runs great and drive well. 1964 pan, stock 1600 dual port with 36DRLA Dellorto carbs, decent power and still gets 30mpg! Swing axle out of a 1968 with short axles so I can run along on the freeway all day at 70mph. I've put about 25k miles on it in the 6 years I've been driving it and it has been a blast! Currently painted with a faux patina and I get waves and thumbs up everywhere I go, it's actually the May 2019 calendar car!  Here is some info;

5 lug front discs

Vintage 190 15x51/2 wheels with 185/65x15 Falken ZE950 tires

Locking Frunk and engine deck lid pull with matching key (Made them my self!)

Gas springs for frunk and deck lid with billet aluminum hinges.

For added safety; 4 way emergency flashers, Led third brake light, side impact door bars (hidden in the doors!)

Roll up windows, heater, custom folding top frame ( folds down below the tonneau cover!) I've been working on the canvas top but it is not done. 

It's registered SB100 California smog exempt as a 2010 Special construction with 1958 VW engine.

I'm looking to get $12,000 out of it, I'm half way between Placerville and Folsom off US 50. 

Let me know if your interested.





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I made the foot rests. They're sheet metal, formed and bolted to the stiffener frame. The window edges are kind of crude at this point. I had pictures of a convertible D and shaped the rear to match. Still needs some fiberglass or filler work. I had planned to use outer scrapers from Steele rubber or and inner felt to keep the window from rattling. 

I modified a 67 bus turn signal switch to use with the bug steering column so it has the flasher on the turn stock. In addition I made a whole bunch of billet aluminum parts like the brake fluid reservoir, door handle escutcheons and the simulated 1958 style front turn signals.  


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barncobob posted:

are those black/yeller plates legit?

Those are the Legacy Plates issued by the CA DMV after an exhaustive survey to see if there was any interest, The survey wanted to know who would want a re-issue for the black on yellow plate. the yellow on black plate, and the ever so ugly yellow on blue plate. The yellow on black plate was the only plate to get enough votes. The only thing about the plate that resembles the original issue is the color. The plate has to conform to modern designs in terms of reflective properties etc. And the plate may not in any fashion be issued using the same format as the original. An original yellow on black plate used the format 123 ABC. The Legacy Plate uses a unique format or it can be personalized.

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