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Looking for a universal part or supplement that will help keep the Spyder doors open and provide a source of friction. Currently they swing close freely, and must be held open. Risk of slamming if let go from full open position.

Is there a good hack for this where I can modify existing hinges and not drill new holes in the door or frame?

Thanks any ideas are helpful.


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What kind of Spyder do you have?  Maybe post photos of your door hinges to help us understand.  I am guessing it is a very early Beck or an earlier Vintage?  These used Ford Pinto hood hinges modified to make door hinges, and have no door stays.  Door stays have been standard on all of our cars since 1988, BUT require a completely different door hinge and a pillar pocket compared to the first generation cars.

Yes, my old Vintage had those hinges Carey references. I may have them from when I stripped my old car. They have a bolt with a nylock nut as the hinge pin. If they are lubed with grease, a simple snug on that bolt and nut may give you a little resistance to hold the door open. I did this a few times over the years on the old car.

Marcel, where do you live? And post some pictures of those hinges.

Thanks that's correct on the location. I will take some close up pictures too add to this thread. 

I thought the simplest would be wrapping the upper and lower hinge 'arms' that connect to the inner door panel, in some cloth/felt material, and then the same would go into the door frame openings where the arms travel. The door is so lightweight, that just the added friction of both materials would be enough to provide a nice smooth operation, and not upset the perfect panel fit. Finding something that will not break down overtime and get worn is the key to this.

My Spyder all black so this would be easy to camouflage the added material.

Also would avoid drilling and replacing hinges too. 

Pictures would help I'll work on that.

You all have a great holiday this week.

Thanks Carey. My latest idea is to try creatively placed high-powered magnets. If I get on the moving arm of the hinge somewhere, and one in the right location of the frame or stable hinge body, at "full open" the goal is that they make contact with enough force to keep the doors open.

Such lightweight doors make this possible

I'm going to experiment with this. No drilling so that's a plus.



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