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@dlearl476 posted:

If you're referring to Vintage Speedsters in CA, Greg is on vacation, but usually very responsive to inquiries. If you're referring to the Vintage in AZ, they never returned an email or a voice message. Don't waste your time.

Talk to Greg or Carey at SE.

@Dane posted:

Thanks dearl476 for the heads up on the AZ loc.  Greg in CA is tops, I bought items from him and i'm very happy with his service.

Just remember:

Greg's business is called Vintage Motorcars. Vintage Speedsters moved to Arizona. Carey at Special Edition may also have the correct bits as well.

Just to be crystal clear: is Vintage Motorcars of California, Inc. and is Greg Leach's company in Hawaiian Gardens CA. Makers of Spyders, Speedsters, and pre-A coupes. is Vintage Speedsters Inc. of Scottsdale AZ and they make Speedsters. "Established 1988" on company website. If only new customers knew the ACTUAL history. That's funny!

Disclaimer: I am on my second Spyder from Greg Leach and company.

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