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Now that I got the clutch cable pedal hook resolved I have another issue to discuss.  Prior to doing the pedal shaft upgrade, I noticed the car having issues down shifting from 3rd to 2nd.  I would down shift and the car would go into 4th gear instead of 2nd.  Even when I pre-rev to RPM match it still didn't want to into 2nd.  However If double clutch it, I can get it to drop in.

I would find it hard to believe that with only 10,000 KM on the car that the Rancho Pro Street trans would have worn out a syncro.  When we bought it, the dealer claimed it only had 4,000 KM.  I consider myself a pretty good driver having attended the Mid Ohio Race Track driving school.  I always pre-rev before down shifting.

And guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you 

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@Bobby D is your set up the stock vw shifter?...if so, do yourself a favor...have your mechanic dude make sure the shift rod isn't wore out to egg shaped status...if so, replace it...which is a big job with radiator removal to pull the shift rod out the front....then, replace the shift bushing in the hanger with the EV4U brass shift bushing (which will be good for the life of the car).....then, invest in the VINTAGE SPEED SHIFTER with the PORSCHE BUSHING....after which will result in SMILES FOR MILES and gated FERRARI SHIFTER race car feel and zero miss shifts.....just the voice of experience speaking me, well worth the effort over the  stock wooden spoon in a bowl of  oatmeal situation

@Bobby D    And "the Duck'll come down and give you a hundred dollars!"

Do you have any trouble finding reverse?

So first, before you tear the car completely apart, try loosening the base of the shift lever a little, but not so much that it's flopping around, and then tap it on the left side at the base with a small hammer, maybe 2 or 3 taps to move it slightly to the right.

Try to keep it straight front to back and gentle taps.

Re-tighten the base and do a road test to see if that cures it.

Like Alan, I might have the direction wrong, but moving the base to the right should line up 1-2 (and reverse) a bit better.  The bottom side of the shift lever moves opposite to the top 3/4's of the lever, so pushing left on the shift knob to find second moves the part below the base to the right.  To see this, hold one hand flat in front of your eyes and stick a pencil up vertically between your fingers, move the top left and right and see what the bottom does.  Now you've got it.

If you can find 4'th but not 2'nd means that it needs to go a little more towards the 2'nd side, or right, on the bottom, right?

Try messing with it and I bet it improves.

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@Bobby D It's also entirely possible that the shift rod coupler just in front of the rear seat, is deteriorating and falling apart.  Pull up the carpet a bit, remove the cover and see if it has a Urethane center piece that's crumbling.  Do that before you try adjusting the shifter base.  If that's the real cause (coupler falling apart) then the shift lever base needs no adjustment.,

Ok, made a slight adjustment to shifter plate and drove to gas station.  On my way there I tried to down shift to 2nd with a pre-rev and got some grinding sounds, almost like it was trying to  go into reverse.  I filled the car up and on my way back, when I was turning into the neighborhood, I down shifted to 2nd and still didn't want to go in gear.  I continued down the street and kept down shifting with a pre-rev and all of a sudden it started to go into 2nd.  I did it about 5 more times and it seem ok.  I have no idea why it all of sudden it decided to comply. 

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