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Hi guys, with this car, is the picture showing the Dry Sump, Burp Tank, HD Oil Pump ?
I'm a newbie looking for a car so some (most?) of the stuff I see is beyond me.
At least I can tell this is a Vintage (with way too many lookie here graphics for me), especially since the seller blessed us with a builder badge ;-)



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This appears to be a late 90s or early 2000s car. The Jamar shifter, Neal gas pedal, clamshell shape, trunk finish, and turn/tail lights are all indicators of year, plus the headrest shape, turn stalk, gauges, and license light.

It has CB dry sump pump and tank, CB throttle bodies and fuel rails. I don't recognize that ECU behind the driver's seat.

There are a few chassis gussets that I've never seen on any Vintage.

Yeah, that is a LOT of decal going on.

The decals are all on a replica/tribute to an actual 550 that was run in the Carrera Panamericana back in the 50s.

The original car was one of the first 550s and had a pushrod motor and taller rear fenders by the taillights, with 2 stacked lights on each side. It would need fiberglass surgery to really complete the look. And a carpet delete. And an emergency brake swap. And probably some aluminum interior panels.

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