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Does anyone on here know the difference between the regular DTM type 4 upright conversion fan shroud and the V2 DTM Type 4 fan shroud as listed on the type 4 store page. The description on the site is not good. I am wanting to know because I have space issues that won't allow me to use the regular DTM shroud on my Puma. The V2 version is lower profile because it doesn't have the oil cooler air hose on the top. What does the "V2" stand for ,Version 2? Where is the oil cooler located on the V2 version? Thanks in advance to those who reply.



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Jimmy, I know I have a type1, not a type4. But I do not have an internal cooler at all within the 911 shroud.

A remote Mesa 96 plate cooler with oil thermostat and fan thermostat will take care of the temperature quite nicely. The best part is it's fully automatic, no switches on the dash to worry about. You can keep an eye on the temp, but don't need to look at it all the time. I'll never understand why guys put in a switch when a thermostat will do the job for you and let you just drive.

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