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blue buggy ad 1 [2)A few months ago I acquired this Safari Trail dune buggy, it had a light engine fire that roasted the harness, hoses but did not touch the body or custom paint work. One thing lead to another and another full tear down. I pulled the 1500 single port to use in the original high end body tagged Meyers Manx resto I'm doing this winter.... Early Manx values with original body tag are through the roof.

List is what was done and sold it last in one day of listing it .

Rebuilt 1641 cc duel port engine, 100 cam .New engine tins, distributor, coil, wire set & fuel pump Chrome valve covers, chrome air cleaner & Solex carb Cobalt Blue Metallic body w/ soft silver- light pink flames & smooth side panels

Totally refurbished 1966 King pin axle beam Swing axle powder coated & bed liner chassis. The chassis welds are a work of art. New King & Link pins, adjustable spring plates, bushings & axle seals, wheel bearings, German drums, shoes, wheel cylinders master cylinder. Oil filled shocks & steering damper. Rebuilt swing axle transmission

New wiring, fuse block, GPS Speedometer, Tach, Oil, Fuel gauges & Switches USB & 12v dash ports, engine turned dash panel, LED mini dash indicators LED taillights. Custom made stainless steel column, fuel tank, lines, hoses & NAPA filters.

Black faux Carbon Fiber accented seat covers, mirrors & dash grab bar. New starter & battery White ball trigger shifter, clutch & accelerator cables, front chrome bumper & rear engine cage New Sombrero black top. Wipers w/ functional park position Boyd Coddington polished aluminum wheels 225 - 14 front tires / 270 - 70 - 15 rear Kuhmo rear tires, Dietz style headlights. Stock VW turn signals.

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  • blue buggy ad 5 (2)
  • blue buggy ad 1 (2)
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Alan, your shop looks like my place around 1970 or so......

Hard to believe that only seven years later we would be starting a family and building a house.  The buggies were long gone by then and the '46 Hot Rod would be gone by 1980 to focus on the house, work, two kids and a dog or two.  

Time has certainly flown.....

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Dune Buggy updates..... The red buggy in the previous post is a "Joe Potty Sportster" made in Virginia  Circa 1965. It is under contract with a guy from Washington state for a full build. This body is going onto a 1974, four wheel disc brake IRS chassis that I have just finished. The buggy is being painted Sapphire blue medium size old school square metallic. Fresh 1641 with a 110 cam 034 heads but will run a single 34PICT carb.

In the wings is a very early but tired Meyers Manx One body with a low number build tag that I chased down in Wisconsin. The value on these restored early Meyer's is way out there ( check BAT past sales ) I could have bought two new fiberglass bodies for what I shelled out for this one but it will have a fantastic return when completed.    The body will go onto the chassis that came with the "Sportster" because that chassis is a 1956 and will be a better marriage with the 1968 Meyers body.

Both buggy engines and transmissions are out being rebuilt.......... If  there is a enough interest I'll start a new thread on the Sportster Buggy build as currently I just did some welding and sprayed bed liner on that bare chassis today.

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