Just wondering if anyone here has any experience installing an EFI and turbo system on their 1915cc. I’m toying with the idea because when going over high altitude passes and I don’t like the idea of huffing and puffing at the top. Plus the extra juice would be fun.😁

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Contact Kevin Zagar, Owner/Operator of CoolRyde Customs in San Diego, CA. Kevin is a member of SOC and a very cool dude. He has done the modification you are contemplating and I think he would be a great help in your endeavor. Here is a link to his shop...


Here's a pic of one of his cars at a recent SOC West Coast Cruise in San Luis Obispo, SoCal. I believe this one has the EFI and turbo. There are more details & pics on his website (link).



Hope you find this info useful.


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