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@Stan Galat posted:

I watched my dad become increasingly frustrated with the world, as he watched people make irrational decisions for reasons he could not understand.

Now I'm him.

$62K. The mind reels....

Don't you ever look in the mirror and ask yourself why you just made an irrational decision with your cars/wife/house/work? I know I do sometimes.

But I do know that I'm not buying an electric "fun" car. There is no fun in electric.

It's novel. The tech is cool. It makes sense for some things. But for me and sportscars, no.

I love my wife's 6 yo Nissan Leaf. It was the same price as a nice Toyota, gets a full charge from our rooftop solar in a couple of hours, and has NEVER seen the inside of a dealership or shop with the exception of a couple of free recall items. Perfect for little daily driving: groceries, Costco, Lowe's, etc. Good for a daily, small island driver.

I love my Speedster much more despite its regular attempts to get me to spend time with it in the garage, rather than on the road. Two different vehicles with two very different financial justifications.

Folks here keep razzin' on the Prius. I bought a cheap-ass 2010 for $4000 and put $450 worth of battery work into.  It's part of why I can afford a toy car.  I've had it 2 years and it takes about 4-6 gallons of fuel a month.  That and oil changes are the only expenses I've had.  Yeah, it's like driving a toaster, but it gets the toaster jobs done.  Someday Greg will finish my coupe and I'll have a car to have jollies in, meanwhile the Prius or my bike haul my butt to work and back.

I'm with Stan.  I don't understand why they haven't taken this concept to work trucks.  With the space under the floor you could make an E350 sized work van with a 10 gallon fuel tank, and a 350+ mile range.  I think they'd sell fleets of them.

I have a Suby Vintage Spyder and a nice 2000 BMW M Roadster for fun.  Most of my driving however is spent driving to the hospital for work day and night.  And driving to the hospital is NEVER fun.  I could care less what I drive when I'm not in my Spyder or Roadster.  There Is no question when my Audi blows up that I will buy electric.  My 2 sons both drive Teslas.  They pay close to nothing to drive their cars and there is NO, I'll say that again, NO, scheduled maintenance.   The cars also cost the same as comparable German luxury cars and will blow the doors off of the ICE German cars.  Honestly I've driven, worked on and loved ICE cars all my life but I just think I'd be stupid not to buy electric.  I'll never give up my ICE fun cars, and I'd never buy an electric speedy, but my next drive to work car will be electric. 

point taken Dr Phil but I'm still not 100% sold.  especially in the luxury arena.  my friend has a Infiniti Q50 hybrid, and that I get. it's fast and comfortable and has a great suspension.  and I'm pretty sure it was under 50 grand. let's see how this whole thing evolves with batteries in the next 5 years. silence is still silent and not shifting gears even paddle flappers just doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun even though the electric cars are extremely fast. I've got a client that has a Tesla model S and now we shopping for a Porsche to replace it.  

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