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Has 351 Cleveland engine  built by profession race engine shop,  and car professionally built by a race car builder.  500+  HP,  show paint.  and near mint condition.   Has front disc brakes rear drums,  solid 9 Inch locker rear end . Ford Mustang 2  Front IRS with improved and modified front end.  It has been well sorted out runs cool in any  temperature and needs nothing.   I am selling before it kills me.  As Carol Shelby said,  "this is a death machine"   car was built 20 years ago and still is as new with 5200 miles on it.  Car was kept in garage all its life.  Builder had it on 160 MPH and now has a lower ratio rear end which should take to to 180 mph.   It has 15 gallon fuel cell in trunk, three speed automatic transmission and cannot be driven without drawing a lot of attention.  I am 76 years old now and so glad I never owned this car until I was older and had a little sense.   This is a no surprise and solid cobra and is located in Auburn, AL     true value 48k.  

In 1965 a fellow fraternity member offered to sell me his 1964 356 SC   for 3200 dollars.   It might as well been 300k for me at the time and I would find myself drafted and in Vietnam not too long  after.    I never got that car  out of my mind and never quit wanting one.    So if you have a well appointed speedster let me know.   All the best.   david


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