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I’m running a VM 2332 with an external oil cooler. Is it necessary? Is anyone running with just the internal VW cooler. My nightmare is for one of several oil lines running about my engine failing and before I can say oh s**t all my oil is gone. I also have an external spin on oil filter that also is in the loop with external oil lines that I would like to loose.  Advice? Cheers.

R Thorpe

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2332ccs generate A LOT MORE heat than a stock1600 engine.....  So yes you more than likely need an external cooler.....  Oil lines should be replaced periodically as additional required maintenance items.....  Depends on how you drive and the miles driven,,,,

The debate over hose and fitting types is still in general debate....  But AN fittings and stainless covered plastic hoses seem the prefered option....

@R Thorpe posted:

What about hard lines, my 911 had hard lines that ran from the thermostat up passenger side of the car to a cooler in the wheel well.  What a good idea.

Certainly doable. Tube bending is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The trick would be putting the ends on. Summit, Pegasus, etc all sell weldable AN- fittings. All you’d need to do is find some one to weld them on.

Greg doesn't put parts on his cars willy-nilly for the heck of it.

Your 2332 needs the cooler. And why in the wide world of sports would you want to ELIMINATE better filtration in lieu of a screen?

You don't have a 911, no need to do what they do. The lines you have are short, you don't need hard lines all the way to the front. By the way, the hard lines were BRASS on the early 911s. That would cost some serious bucks today.

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