I'm saving my aluminum beer cans for you - I'll expect a nice polished alloy 550 Spyder out of them.  Years ago I had a '62 356 Knotchback Coupe.  I bought all the lead, paddles, and insulating putty to try to lead in bottom of fenders and doors.  A lesson would have helped.  I gave up and used a silver aluminum looking bondo.  

I bet there are some good U-tubes on it out there and Eastwood has the tools.

Watching those guys work with the English wheel and shrinking/stretching hammers shows real skills.  New Wheeler-Dealers had Ant (I do miss Ed!) do rust repair pieces for an old Saab 96. 



Stan Galat posted:
RacerX posted:

I think Emory moved to Oregon

Gary's dad was from LA. Gary moved to Oregon. Rod moved back to LA.

His website (Emory Motorsports), Facebook and instagram all place him in Oregon. Did he move recently? Can’t imagine he didn’t update any of his contacts.

     Bruce look up Ron Covell. He is in the LA area. I took a two day class from him and learned a lot. Only bad thing is it is not hands on, he bends and you watch. It’s still very informative. There is a guy up north, somewhere around San Francisco named Lazze. He has great classes, all hands on and there is a variety offered. A little high priced but great.

     The alternative is, Lazze has a lot of YouTube videos that show you exactly how he does it.  I have a small English wheel and an assortment of hammers, dollies, forms and a bag. I also have a cheap bead roller. If you manage to piece a few of these things together and watch some videos, you will be surprised what you can do by fooling around.

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