Has Fat change owners?
I just went to their website : new lower prices and more options...
Last year I heard the original owner was not well and wonder if there has been a change ... if the quality is the same?

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I think the owners are fine, but one of their motor builders was more than ill. He's moved on to the great beyond. Roland Rascon was a close friend of Greg's of Vintage Motorcars, and built some of his motors for him. 


As for new prices and options it may be that they may have just gotten better at it, or it may be in response to current conditions, or it may have something to do with their merger in 2018, or none of the above.  As a side note, I've noticed that prices for things like bicycle parts and such have really gone down with lot's of special offers, etc. as businesses work to hang on.  At times like this even the financially well fixed consumer wonders if maybe that 1915 motor might be just fine for another season.   

Thanks Michael. I am certainly " that guy" with the 1835 engine. :-).
But also a sucker for a deal. So ... to expand on the question.
Fat or Chico?

Roland built me a 2275? years ago, had a hotter cam in it and wound up super fast..met him 1Xat a county fair and bought him a beer..good times

There are no deals when looking for a quality engine build- wash out your mouth out with soap now. Both Fat Perf. (Ron Fleming and Greg Aranson have been at it since 1968 or '69?) and Chico have good reputations, but go on the Samba and check out both feedback threads. Also, Stan had a less than stellar experience with Chico. I don't know the details, so you may want to pm him to see what he has to say. I would also consider Gary Berg (advertises on the Samba under his own name), Pat Downs at CB Perf., and Anthony (who frequently gives advice on here and has worked on some of the West Coast boys' Speedsters).

Any aircooled hot shot guy on the east coast ? Seems all the gurus are in southern California. I considered getting a  CB kit and upping my engine myself. But honestly I recently rebuilt mine and have it dialed-in nicely as a 1835 (with the retro 356 look ... ) I can't bring myself to do it.  :-)
So that leave me with finding a stroker engine later. Just gathering info now. (Like Michael said earlier, I probably will go another season with the 1835 and see what happens with this nutty economy....)


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MotoCarlo, I'm a bit far from you in NY state. But I've recently retired from my 29 year career/job.

If you were to purchase a CB builder's kit, I'd be willing to build it up and test-fire it. I rebuilt my own 2165cc last summer. I've also assembled a 2332 from a CB builder's kit year. I don't have a ton of builds under my belt, but I try to take as much care as possible and only put things together the right way. I treat all engines as if they are my own.

I'm taking aircooled jobs on a case-by-case basis.

Danny, I‘d love to get in line for a going over of my car. As you know, I don’t have much history and need to make some changes. Once the new shocks are on I’ll want to realign and corner balance. And I know the engine could use a tweaking after I add some mufflers. 


Mike, we'll make that happen. At least you're not too far away! I'm done with my enclosed trailer/temporary garage so after some workshop cleanup I'll be ready.

Lane, we'll be staying here for the time being, I have obligations here for another 3 years.

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