SOC Members.  We were able to work out this offer for the soon-to-be released 356 collection watch!!!!!!!

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of this iconic car with an exquisite Limited-Edition Ferro & Company Swiss Made Watch.

In 1948 a new chapter began, a chapter that changed the driving experience of mankind. Today, we are still astonished by the superiority, elegance and craftsmanship of this historic machine. The legendary 356, has been in our hearts for decades, and will be cherished for decades to come.

At Ferro & Company, we value exquisiteness, craftsmanship and quality. Hence, we have created our first “356” watch collection inspired by the iconic car.

The unique design and craftsmanship of the “356” Swiss Made Watch collection is synonymous with the iconic car. The dual layered complex sandwich style dial resembles the tachometer while the polished case bears the resemblance of the chrome rings around the gauges.

Recognizing SOC member’s love and enthusiasm for vintage cars, Ferro & Company is offering these Limited-Edition Watches at its pre-sale event starting $599 (future retail will be from $849 and up).

RESERVE YOUR TIMEPIECE TODAY and be a part of this great legendary history! (



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The minutes are between each hour on the dial, you can see them in the picture.  The single handed only moves one complete revolution per 12 hours.
I think it's pretty cool.

I'm ordering the silver frame with single red handle.

Paul L. Watts posted:

Can anyone out there explain to me how you tell the time on their $599 "Single-Hand Series" wristwatch? That's reminds me of a "One-Legged Ass Kicking Contest."

Paul L. Watts posted:

I still don't get it...but I can sell you some 2-legged stools.



Don't fear, the watch is available with two hands if you prefer. The single had watch replicates a single needle tach.  As Theron said, the single hand moves very slowly and one only makes one revolution around the entire watch face every twelve hours.

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