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I own a Fiber Fab flared fender 356 Porsche replica project. I'm at a point, that I have lost interest in trying to complete the project.

I purchased the car in Missouri and started repairing and updating the car.
We retired and moving to Nevada, brought the project with us.
The car and I are in Pahrump, NV 89060
The car is titled as a 1955 Porsche, that is what it was registered as when I purchased it.
The car is registered in Missouri.

I'd like to sell the project.
Issue is, I have no idea on what I should set as an asking price.
The car has been painted, still needs some work to complete painting.

Here are some of the specs.
Body has been contoured and gaps have been corrected.
New paint in progress, nearly ready for clear.
Fiber Fab flared fenders
ID - FS1107
Model - NM 110392
Engine case # - AH377918, year 1973-1974
Crank pulley end has sand seal.
Chassis # 115140000 build June 1965
Measured stroke and bore of pistons, June 24, 2013:
Stroke 78mm --- Bore 92mm, displacement = 2074 cc.
Heads are part number 040 101 375 2, modified to 35.5 mm exhaust valves and 42 mm intake valves, ported to match intake and exhausts.
1.25 ratio rocker arms used.
Valves have dual springs
Has 1968-1970 steering column.
Dual Weber 44 IDF dual carbs.
135 Mains, F11 tubes, 176 air
90F5 starter jets
50 Idle jets
36 Venturi

Front wheels 7” x 15” (4” inside off set) 4 x 130mm (5.125) circle 1/2-20 thread 1” thick aluminum spacers tires new 205/50-15R tires, disc brakes, new beam and shocks. New king pins and bushings.

Rear wheels 7” x 15” (4” inside off set) 4 x 130mm (5.125) circle 1/2-20 thread 2” thick aluminum spacers tires New 225/50-15R tires. Drum brakes, new shocks.

Front disc brakes .375 thick x 11” diameter
I haven't started the car in about 3 years.

New alternator 12 v.
New engine tins.
New headers.
Twin 12v powered oil coolers.
Ran and drove when parked 2018.
New carpet kit and coco fiber mats.

All parts are on hand. Two sets of seats.
I installed new steering dampener/stabilizer, new dual master cylinder.

The car was last driven ~2018.
My question is, what might a fair asking price be for this project?
Any help would be appreciated.



Pahrump, NV USA


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I have responded to several people, thanks.

Here are some things I've been ask.

The project is a roller, engine installed. The carpet, door panels, door handles have been removed. The head lamps, turn signal lights, license plate light has been removed for paint.

The hood and engine cover are installed and aligned.

The car has  Chrome Outlaw style bumpers, not installed.

The doors are installed and aligned.

I can supply photos as requested and or we could do a thing called Facetime (it's a video thing on a smart phone, I'm guessing everyone knows that but me), so my wife says. I've never done it myself, she has, I still own a flip phone.



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