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@Bob: IM S6 posted:

That's nice.  I'd love to have a dedicated race car.  I could park it in the garage and make brrrmm noises all day long.

You could license that here in Utah. (People regularly plate SXSs) It would be a blast in our canyons.

Id be a little leery of the Renault parts in the USA, though.

This one (much prettier, imo) has a Ford Zetec. And it’s only £13K.

But FWIW, I think Danny has the right idea about race car toys.


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@DannyP posted:

Yeah, the Lotus 7 guys use Ecotec or Chevy 4-bangers. But this thing looks so much better than a 7.

It would be really cool with an Ecotec in it. Or maybe a late Toyota Celica/modern Lotus 4 banger.

A 310hp 2.3 EcoBoost crate motor is about $1K more than a CB Builders choice engine kit.

When I get daydreaming about Kirkham’s building me a Cobra, that’s what I’d put in it.

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