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Hello, I've got some speedster seats that I had in my Ghia. They are light grey vinyl with light grey houndstooth. One of them is worn thru at the top from sitting near a window. I have enough extra fabric to fix it. It comes with a rear seat bottom (never had the upper)  and 2 door panels in the cloth houndstooth. Black  carpet backs.

Since someone recently sold some seat shells for $550, I'm thinking, $300 plus shipping.IMG_20201210_160223774IMG_20201210_160218992IMG_20201210_160209571IMG_20201210_160200155IMG_20201210_160153370IMG_20201210_160133839IMG_20201210_160138981IMG_20201210_160148211IMG_20201210_160144018


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Greyhound is still a very good option for XL packages. About 2 years ago I packed up 2 Porsche 911 fenders I bought in San Diego and I shipped them to Chicagoland. I picked them up at the Gary IN. bus station. It was less than $100 if I remember correctly.

A seller on Pelican had some '68 911 fenders (no flair). Come to find out he lived very close to my niece. I flew out for a vacation. I boxed them and sent them to Chicago. It worked out well.

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