I've removed the trim  and the badges from the car and now I am looking at filling the holes left by the mounting pegs.

I've read about a number of ways to fill these. Fiberglass, bondo.

The side trim holes go all the way through the glass, the badge holes do not. I would work the side trim holes from the back, and the badge holes from the front.

The badge holes on the back don't go all the way through and if they did, some are not accessible from the back because of the latch hardware, etc.

My goal for now is just to fill them and cover with touch up paint until I decide on repaint color, probably not for several months.





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Use bondo with short glass fiber strands in it, A.K.A. "gorilla hair". If you use straight bondo, it will end up showing the holes later.

I think you're going to have to sand them down from the outside to make it all smooth. This is going to entail sanding a little more than just the hole, so not sure if touchup paint is going to cut it.

You might want to wait and just let the body guy fill the holes as part of his repaint prep.

I screwed up and had to fill some holes on my red car. I just cleaned the holes with a small drill bit and pushed some bondo in with a plastic syringe and quickly "mushroomed" the bondo on the back side with my fingers. Using the syringe limited the spread of the bondo onto my paint around the holes.  It's a little touchy doing this and you have limited time to fuss with it....................Bruce


Schu used West Marine epoxy resin filler on his faux red MGTD after he dremeled out many gel coat spider cracks.  Unlike Bondo it has stuck and not shrunk in many years.  The west Marine product has a powder filler that is added to the resin.

I think I'll try putting painter's blue tape over each hole on the outside, hit the hole with a drill bit through the tape and then try injecting the resin mixture into the hole.

Then try and get as flat a surface as I can, sanding over the hole and the blue tape lightly. Let it dry, and then peel off the tape and see what I've got.

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