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@550 Phil posted:

I always thought that role bars in speedsters looked a bit too tall. I think that a role bar in a Conv D should look better with the higher windshield. We’ll see.

SCCA has a spec: 2” above helmet IIRC. Yeah, they ruin the look of a Speedster.

OTOH, my roll bar is purely aesthetic.
But it’s better than the alternative.


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My Spyder has attachment points for a 3 point roll bar. I had one in my second Spyder. Didn’t look very good but it was very strong and I’m sure it would do the job. I plan on getting one so I can do track days in the Spyder. Danny says he has one for sale but I haven’t heard back from him. I’m sure I could buy one from Greg Leach but shipping costs from LA may be prohibitive.

Yeah, no, that's not SCCA spec.

Exactly what class of competition are you referring to @dlearl476 that those hoops are "SCCA legal".

FYI, there really isn't a category except hillclimb, time-trial, or autocross that replicas can be competitive. No wheel-to-wheel action that a single one of us would risk. Autocross rules are pretty lax, as you're in a flat parking lot in most cases with only cones to hit.

February 2022 GCR(General Competition Rules):

Read section 9, Cars and Equipment, starting on page 91.

Very specifically, 9.4.B.2.c, page 93:

"Cars must have 2 braces extending to the rear from the main hoop and attaching to the frame or chassis. Braces must be attached as near as possible to the top of the main hoop (not more than 6 inches below the top), and at an included angle of at least 30 degrees."

That's EACH main hoop(which should be ONE hoop, not two, the width of the car.

Those McDonalds hoops are decidedly NOT SCCA spec.

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