The TD contingent (well, three of us, plus Schubie's wife) saddled up and made the 500 mile round trip to Virginia Beach Friday and it was glorious as usual. 


East Coast Speedster/Spyder People: you should bloody well come to this show! What's it gonna take??

It's held at the private air museum in Pungo. Yes, all these planes fly, sometimes during the show. $50 gets you on the flight line (donated to ASPCA, I think) and it's less to park right next to this in the unjudged portion of the field. Very laid back scene, People's Choice award and lots of plaques for various divisions. They made a division for PCCA members; since only 3 of us showed this year I won second place. 


Rick, the guy whose newly-built TD replica was housed in one of the display sheds at Carlisle 2018, took first. And deserved it.

We had to push-start my car out of Horne's restaurant on the way down; replaced the battery when we got to the hotel and all was fine after that.

75 degrees and sunny all day Saturday. Pretty good fish po boys from the food truck. IMG_4093IMG_4094IMG_4095

Lots of nice cars, new and old. American iron, foreign jobs. A pretty big raffle (I won a $25 gift cert to Rock Auto). And these hangers are chock full of interesting airplanes, plus people who will tell you all about them.

Rest rooms work. Basically everything is first class.


Got a little sprinkled on during the ride home. We take RT 17 for a good 100 miles or so and it's pretty sweet both ways. The highway/toll parts are obviously a little less sweet, particularly on the way in on Friday afternoon. IMG_4107

The TD gang has shown as many as seven of these cars in years past. Just a great end-of-season cruise and show, and the hotel is usually cheap because it's off season. 

Hope to see some of you there next year.


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Ed, that looks like it was a fun event for you & the gang to go to. Thanks for sharing those cool pics.

Too bad our travel timing was a little off. Ginny & I were in Richmond, VA. a couple of weeks ago attending a family wedding. Afterwards we spent a few days in Virginia Beach doing some sight-seeing. Would have been fun to catch up with you. Beautiful area.

Here's a pic of Ginny posing with King Neptune and a huge statue of some mythical sea-figure in the background! 



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I'm not Karting with you'se guys anymore.

Took me weeks to recover from the last time.....   

Virginia Beach/Norfolk sounds like a cool Autumnal trip, though.  Got a bunch of old Navy friends living in that area that we could visit.

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