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I'd like to know if there is any form of kit to add head rests to the standard glass fiber seats found in many replicas.  I'd like the safety of headrests but I'd like to be able to remove them when not needed, i.e. when car is on display at a show etc.

Has anyone done this?

Audi TT TDI 2009

Previously: 986 Boxster S, 911 (964) C4,  a few ordinary cars...

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TMI in California makes a headrest upgrade kit for Ford Mustangs  that is decent looking and costs about $350 USD per pair.  There MUST be someone in the UK making headrest kits for British cars that could be adapted to whatever seats you get.  Just realize that the standard Speedster seat is merely a glass fibre shell which won’t offer a lot of strength for headrests unless some sort of strengthening frame is considered.

I have seen it done on those seats but I am not sure of how well they hold but you have to do all the fiberglassing of the brackets on the back end then cover them up to hide them with a panel... The first thing is to measure whether or not the seat back is high enough that if there was a head rest added to it, it would be useful to you.. Every body is different. Just saying.  

Mine are similar, more or less:



but have a single flat support piece in the middle.  That support fits into a rectangular sleeve that runs down the center of the back of the seat, supported at the top and bottom, with a couple of long, spring steel pieces that hold it in place where-ever set:  


I can remove the headrest entirely by inserting a small screwdriver into a small slot at the top and then pulling the headrest right out.


They're also adjustable fore and aft as you wish - especially good for when I'm older with curvature of the spine from bicycle riding for 60 years:






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