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Just a pic from our drive from Vancouver to Ottawa exactly five years ago. Pic from  Castelgar, BC at the Black Rooster. $25,000 CAD for a good running IM Roadster and still running well with us putting only about 25,000 km on it since. Where'd the time go eh ?  And just for laughs...the old pic of the original Speedster bought in Boise, Idaho in around 2010 for $6,500 USD and driven home to Ottawa. Lot's memories there. Seems like nobody trips anymore.

David Stroud

 '92 IM Roadster D 2.3 L Air Cooled

Ottawa, Canada



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  • Black Rooster
  • Speedster parked at hotel in Boise 2010
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" Seems like nobody trips anymore."

It seems universal, too.  A couple of old, local friends who used to do a lot of road trips don't seem to leave the state, anymore.  Kathy and I, too.  At least we used to be driving back and forth to the Winter house and then lots of road trips on each end of that trip.  None of us know why we're not driving as much anymore - Maybe old age is creeping up on us?

For the last 50 years or so, I or we , planned a Winter trip to somewhere warm. Even it was for a week or two , we got away somewhere. We would leave after work on Friday and be in Florida for lunch. When our jobs became seasonal, we would tow our boat to the Florida Keys for 3 months. It seemed pretty easy at the time.

We could still do a lot of things like that , but it seems like it's more of a PIA. The highways are crazy and flying is a nightmare. It just is easier to stay on the sandbar and avoid all that. I guess I'm getting lazy.

Have you seen the price of gas most people can't afford to road trip.

We go up north to a cottage many weekends (leaving today for Canadian Thanksgiving). My wife's BMW X3 costs over $100 to fill and we'll run through about 2/3 of a tank there and back, actually gets pretty incredible mileage for what it is. Mortgage rates, the cost of groceries, taxes everywhere, inflation, people can't afford to drive for pleasure any more.....

We're heading out to New Brunswick for my daughter's graduation in a few weeks. With gas, hotel, meals, it was just about cheaper to fly....we're flying.

@JasonC posted:

I'm 69 years old and just round-tripped from Katy, Texas to Costa Mesa, CA in my Speedster.  Total distance was 3,250 miles.  Here's a pic of the Speedster at the old Taylor motel in Van Horn, Texas.  


Nice one, Jason. Your pic reminds me of this one at the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, NM on our mega trip back in ( yes !) , 2011.


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  • Blue Swallow garage for every room

My wife and I just got back from a 4 week, 7300 mile road trip.  Our vehicle takes 91, and we paid a low of 3.99 in Iowa to a high of 5.69 in Phoenix.  
One of the places we stayed, in Hot Springs, was a motel built in the 1920’s.  Each unit had a garage, built to handle a Ford Model T.  They are not big enough for a modern car, but if you were riding a motorcycle, they allow you to park inside.  The place was completely restored a few years ago, and is very nice.



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