Finally my VS made it stateside. I got insurance through Hagerty and now I am confused as to the registration and title process in Florida. I contacted a private tag and title agency and they told me I first needed to get the car inspected at the DMV office for my county and then go to them for the rest of the process. When I called the DMV office to set up an appointment they told me I now need to fill out some forms and take them there in person in order to make an inspection IMG_5355appointment (!).  They sent me a bunch of forms and now I am even more confused. As per Florida statutes this is a "Replica" which means built professionally at a shop and not a "Kit Car" (meaning home built). Any of our fellow forum members in Florida help me understand this process?


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A lot depends on what your title says.  You said stateside, was it registered in another country?  Does it have the original VW title from California?  You may have made a mistake by trying to use a "private tag" company.  I've sold several in Florida and never had an issue with a California VW title.

Happy to help, let me know.


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Hi Troy; I brought the car in from Puerto Rico; which is a US territory. I still have the California title from VS back when they were in Hawaiian Gardens and I also have the title from Puerto Rico. In both it is titled as a 1968 Beetle; which is the donor. I have made contact with the title company but haven't really gone there yet; I can still hold out from it.

I also have the original invoice from VS back from when I ordered the car in 2004. I'd appreciate it if you could enlighten me on how to do it; I know you're a veteran at this. Thanks for your response!

I wouldn't waste $ on a title company to register in FL.  FL uses its tax office for licensing/registration.  They don't do a safety or integrity inspection (ever), they go out and look at the VIN and mileage.  (You can also have a law enforcement officer attest to mileage and VIN without taking the car in - but it requires another form).  I'd stick with registering it as a '68 VW - the new tag will cost you only $75 as an antique (30 years old in FL - not norma 25 years).  A normal new tag is $225! (I haven't registered mine yet in FL as they do require you maintain insurance on a car once it is registered and tagged). Since itis already registered (for more than 6 months) in your name, there will be no FL 606.5% sales tax).  Plus in FL, only 1 license plate required (rear).  You can buy a used antique plate and it can be used - but more forms and it has to be pristine.  Weird codes too for old FL plates - some for trucks, RV, cars and some are for counties.

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Oops, 6-6.5% sales tax on the purchase price (less trade-in if applicable).  Actually not bad since FL has no income tax and real estate taxes are low too.  (Still have red clay roads, no sidewalks, and no cell phone/internet in rural areas though - Plus watch out for Gators and Armadillos!)

I spoke to Impala, who is actually Roberto who is from Puerto Rico and has been on the list for many years.  He moved to Florida and just got his car shipped over from Puerto Rico so he really only needs to transfer the registration to Florida.  He has a current PR title in his name as a 68 VW.  He also has the original California title from Vintage as a 68 VW.  I believe he created an unnecessary issue by telling the private title company that it was a replica.  I recommend that he just take his PR title to the DMV (without the car) and just tell them he has moved to Florida and needs to register it.  Don't say anything about replica and see what they say.  He already owns the car, so there shouldn't be any tax issues. 

Plus he can get the cheaper plates registering it as a '68 VW!  And it will be easier to sell should he ever want to later.

Thank you all; especially Troy with whom I had a phone conversation. I was able to successfully register the car as a '68 Beetle as suggested and get an Antique license plate for it. I am waiting for the title that's supposed to come in the mail.

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