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When I was a kid, thrown out TVs were my biggest source for parts for my ham radio habit.
I almost cried when the last Radio Shack closed in my area a few years back.

But then the Pandemic hit and I needed to DO SOMETHING and started designing small electronic things and quickly needed parts, so I re-discovered Mouser, Newark, Arrow, You-Do-it and a whole bunch of never-heard-of sources on Amazon.  

Suddenly, the lack of a Radio Shack nearby wasn’t such a big deal.

Yeah, except for having to WAIT for everything. Digi-Key and Parts Express are a couple more sources in addition to the ones Gordon mentioned for electronics.

Alan, yes, that 6v headlight switch works well, won't burn out like the cheap 12v China-pops. It's especially nice if you can find a used VW OE one like I did at Carlisle when the swap guys used to set up tables...

The sad state of throw-away electronics really is a bummer. My Frigidaire Professional oven was giving me trouble. It would take an hour to pre-heat and even then it wouldn't get very hot. Long story short I determined it was the Oven Control Board. Seeing as how the oven is almost 18 years old Frigidaire doesn't make/stock that part. I was faced with buying a new $2K oven or trying to fix the OCB. We have an electronics repair place in town that has been in business since forever. Took the the OCB and they had it fixed and back to me in one day, it cost me $150 to have it repaired. The oven works like a champ again.


I just spent 30 minutes looking for a replacement switch identical to the one Marc shows and came up with nothing!

Speedway Motors and Painless Wiring show the most promise, but I finally gave up and went to dinner.   Never thought it would be that hard to find a friggin switch.  And I used a bunch just like that over the years, too.  A toggle switch or rocker switch would be much easier to find.

@Marc Orloff everything I looked at for switches was rated for a measly 15 amps, which is almost exactly what two fog lights will draw.  If you get a switch, try to find one rated for 20 - 30 amps OR get a fog light relay kit with a 30 amp relay rating so the relay and switch will last forever.

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