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For Sale my set of nearly perfect Fuchs wheels originally on a 911 of some year. Set of 4 wheels the 2 fronts are 15 X 7 and the 2 rears are 15 X 8's . I do believe they fit wide body Speedsters and will be too wide for a regular body Speedster. I am open for reasonable offers. I am selling the wheels to fund a set that have polished spokes. I can detailed pics of each wheel proving the condition once an offer is made.Speedster Fuchs 6


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Those do look sharp, Jimmy! Have you decided no the replacements? Do you have a part # for the 15x8's?

ALB The part number shown in the picture above is for the 15 X 8 wheel. It is 911361020. I haven't decided to go with knock off's or real Fuchs. I just hate to ruin a good set of wheels that someone else may have use of in their original condition.

You are right, Jimmy, that is a 15x8- the 42 is the last part of the part number and designates it as an earlier 8" wheel, with 12 being the later. Your 7's should end with 41. The later 'flat' 6's (early and late- not sure if there is visually any difference), 7's (except for the 911R wheel) and all the 8's, 9's and 11's have the same basic part #- 911.361.020** with the last 2 digits differentiating width and (as with the 8's and 9's) specifying early or late. 

16" Fuchs for 911's have a 911******** part numbers while the 951******** 7 and 8" wheels came on 944's and have slightly different backspacing than their 911 counterparts.

PS- and yeah, I get while you're hesitant to modify those wheels-  the original finish on them looks fantastic! I remember admiring them last year at Carlisle.

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According to a selling of vintage Fuchs wheels the date stamp on my 15 X 8 wheel shows a 09/87 mfg. date. I am going to take the other wheels off to confirm they are a matching set off of the same 911.  This will make them more valuable the vender said. I will post my findings soon.

I have taken all the wheels off and sent the pics to a Fuchs refurbishing guy who has informed me that I have a nice set of matching forged Fuchs wheels mfg. in 87 with the original anodized finish. I do want to sell the wheels so make me a reasonable offer .


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I have an offer of $800.00 for my set of Fuchs wheels from the company selling me my new repro. polished heart Fuchs wheels. I would rather see someone here get the set for $800.00. So anyone want to buy my set of light weight Fuchs Wheels For $800.00? Contact me in the next week because once my new wheels arrive I am going to return my set of Fuchs for the $800.00 trade in. I would think this is a good deal on this set of wheels.

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