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I'm cleaning out the attic (again) and I am offering this original Porsche 911 rim to the SOC first.  I bought this wheel when I was building the car.  It is in very good shape and was originally bought as a spare for my 7" rear wheels.  I have since gone to 6" rims on my car and offer this as no longer needed.

It has been checked for trueness and run-out to under .003"
A Hunter balance machine could not detect imbalance.
It is Fuchs black anodized (a very rugged coating) on the center and spokes and a polished rim.
There are a very few and very minor rim edge scratches that would come out with normal polishing - There are no scratches in the anodized spokes or polished rim, but it needs a good cleaning.
It has the high speed support for the valve stem.
None of the stud holes have been damaged.
The center cap is included.


Original Fuchs 911.361.020 44  7J-16

16" diameter

7" width (measured inside rim to inside rim - 7-5/8" outside to outside)

Porsche 5 X 130 Bolt Pattern

Setback/Dish, measured from wheel/hub flange:
Outside rim:  3"
Inside rim:     5"

$400 plus shipping from 01519

This same wheel is currently fetching $450 - $650 in eBay

PM me if you're interested.  Thanks.



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