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We are going at lunch today to sign the paperwork for Pam's new Subaru Outback Onyx Edition.  It has a 260hp turbo engine, AWD, and is rated for towing 3500 lbs, which should be plenty.  The initial reason for getting a trailer was just in case we have to bug out for a hurricane we won' have to leave a car behind.  The Carlisle thing is icing on the cake.

Like Dr. Bob, we love our Outback very much.  Had exactly two things needing attention in 100,000 miles:  The Cat Converter, which is part of the exhaust manifold, developed a crack and was replaced under warranty at 90K miles.  The front lower control arm rubber bushings wore out at around 75-80K and were replaced at Subaru for $400 including alignment check (complete new control arms).  Pretty good deal, I thought.  We also had the timing belt replaced when the control arms were done, even though they say they'll last over 120,000 miles.

Ours is the 2.5L non-turbo version with few bells and whistles (other than paddle shift CVT) and gets a solid 25+mpg no matter what, easy to do oil changes and even the Iridium spark plugs were easy to replace at 75K.

I've heard that those Outback Turbos really scoot.  Should be a lot of fun.

IaM-Ray posted:

The 6 cylinder goes very well on those. 

They no longer do a 6-cylinder model.  Now they do a turbo 4 cylinder with 260hp, which is what we are getting.  As for Pam coming to Carlisle, not so sure I want that.  She'd be bored and it's kind of fun having my annual "mancation."  I'll bet I can get her to join me on some of the Tour de Smos though.

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Lane Anderson posted:

"gentleman?"  Heck, I thought I bought it?

Well, I haven't received any money yet, so technically not. Intent yes LOL!

20200212_163122This is our new setup. It tows really nice empty. I'm sure it won't change much with 1500 pounds in it. I'm sure it will be fine with a 3000 pound Cayman as well.

8.5 x 16 with 2 foot V.


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DannyP posted:

Did you think I meant British money pounds, Dave?

A 2006-2008 Cayman S weighs 2976 pounds.

Yeah it’s the later ones that got fat. They are almost 3800 pounds.  BTW tiptronics are lighter than manuals by about 75 pounds...go figure. 

Easy to do if you have the right tools. I have done many. Don’t use anything but “The Solution” Jake Raby cane up with. A bit more money but bulletproof. 

Nice trailer, Danny.  I thought you bought an F-150, not a Ram.

BTW, still waiting for Pam to pick a date for her trip to deliver the Saturn to our niece.  What does your March schedule look like to meet for the trailer handoff?

Sacto Mitch posted:


You might not want to haul a new Taycan, Danny - 5200 lbs !


No chance of that! Not for me. The biggest payload is 4700(my current Audi allroad) which would put me right at 7500 pounds.

Lane, Michelle had to have the Hemi. That thing really scoots in a straight line!

Middle two weekends of March(14th or 21st) are good depending on weather, and your lodging.


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