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QUOTE from the seller at this afternoon's speedster auction on BaT: "the seats are both dual zone heated, the heater adjuster knob on the center tunnel is there just for looks, it can be hooked up however."

Can be hooked up, but it struck me that on a car with no heater boxes, no ducting, no floor vents, and no defroster vents, it might be cheaper to hook the knob up to cruise control or ground clearance than to heat.

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@LI-Rick posted:

@DannyP, there are 2 videos of the car being driven, any idea if that is Daniel Verwers?

I watched about 10 seconds of one of them.

That's our Daniel!

Super-interesting to me is how he chose to market this car. When he was finishing Vintage Spyders he bought as bodies in white from Greg he was insistent that he was a manufacturer in his own right.

Now that Greg's Speedsters are bringing L O N G money on BaT he's a "selling dealer" of Vintage Speedsters.

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