I'm a newby, My name is Mario.  I have been lurking for a while.  I love reading the posts, used to run a Vintage Vespa club here in Vegas, and although it had the same energy as the speedster forum does now, it has since all but died down. I'm also really into Vintage triumph motorcycles which I have also done a full restoration on. Anyway back to my post.  Hopefully I'm not out of line here, I'm testing the waters to see if anyone would be interested in trading a speedster for my truck.  I have a preference for a black on red speedster, Frame based model like a Becks Speedster with either a Subaru conversion, Type 4, or a performance motor, AC would be nice, as I Plan on this being a daily driver and I live in Vegas. I commute 30 miles each way to work daily so I want to make the driving experience enjoyable. I realize I probably won't find exactly what I want, but that is my wishlist, so let me know what you have.  have a 2009 Chevy Silverado HD 2500 LTZ Duramax Diesel with an Allison Transmission. It is Silver with black leather interior.  The vehicle was over 75k  new, . It has a factory installed 6 inch lift and all the tuning goodies you can throw at it, (EFI Live with 5 on command performance tunes) Straight exhaust, DPF and EGR delete.  The LTZ's are top of the line Silverados and my truck has every feature you could order, Sunroof, Navigation, Passenger DVD, leather heated seats, Electric floor runners, Backup camera, and Parking Sensors. I can email more photos if anyone is interested. The speedster has been my dream car since I was a kid, now 44 years old, I feel like its time to take the plunge. It's a pleasure to meet everyone, and I cannot wait to make it to a Rally or whatever you all do to meetup as a group.  I can be emailed at salasma@nv.ccsd.net. I will reply to emails with my phone number for further discussion.


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Welcome to the forum! I would think it may be easier to sell your truck and use the funds to shop for the Speedster you want. The Speedster you have described is going to cost you $35-$45K if you want a tube framed based Speedster with Suby power. You will need to buy an Intermeccanica Cabriolet with roll up windows if you want a daily driver with A/C that will actually cool you. This will place you in the $45 plus range I would think. Good luck in you journey and keep us informed on how it is going.

No need for roll up windows, I have a plan for that, and the reasoning for the tube frame was to have better suspension, but it looks like there are a few options out there for modifying VW suspension. The Subaru motor is something that I really do want, but I'm mechanically and Electrically Savvy, I'm an Electrical/Network Engineer and I grew up in the auto business, as my father had his own shop as a mechanic, and my  older brother had a body shop where I learned to do body work and paint,  I really would build my own if I had the time and the space, but I do not.  The short of it is if I end up with a Speedster that needs some love to make it into the car I desire, well that's the fun of it right?   This was really just a ploy to introduce myself and see what  if there was any interest.  People grow out of hobbies and with all the Speedsters out there that people wait months and often years for and pay a premium, then put 1200 miles on the car in 2 or 5 years time.  No offense to those people, I can understand it being treated as a perfect weather Sunday car, but a lot of these people realize that they can repurpose the investment into something that may be more practical for them personally. These are the people I was targeting.  Or the people that the car made sense for at one point in their life, but priorities have changed, family life or buying a new home.  Whatever it may be, this is one of the similarities I see between these cars and Vintage Vespa's. There may be someone out there that their life has changed and a truck makes more sense at this point and time of their life. I tend to be long winded so I'll end here. 

@Speedsta  I admit, I must be a huge wimp.  While I live in an area that gets up to 110 in the summer, I can't stand bringing the speedster out when it gets above 90-degrees; then again, i don't have A/C.  

What I can tell you is that my air-cooled speedster hates the heat as much as I do.  From what I understand, that is attributed to what could be a number of issues, from no remote oil cooler to my cheap exhaust (to name a few).  I'm guessing the folks in Arizona may be able to chime in to provide you their thoughts on using the speedster as a daily driver during the hot summers.

Hope you don't see our advice as being overly cautious, we just hate for someone to jump into the hobby and not have the Speedster meet their expectations.  Then again, each one of us has different "pain tolerances" when it comes to these cars.

I just drove mine 3 hours up from Monterey where the outside temps in the valley hit 100-degrees and it wasn't very pleasant.  That and the obscene traffic added to that frustration.

My biggest piece of advice, if you can, would be to drive a few.  And each manufacturer's cars feel a bit different.  

Regardless, good luck to you and don't be afraid to ask questions on this forum.  


BTW: Great truck!



I'm good. I've lived in Vegas for for about 14 years, and in that time I have had a 67 Cadillac Deville Convertible No AC, A n Alpha Romeo Convertible no AC, and I also have a few motorcycles and Vespas, which are all air cooled.  I think I'm okay with the heat, although an AC would be in the works for sure.  I Rode my MC to work the other day.  When I left to work at 7:15 it was a comfortable 80 degrees, on my  way home it was 111 compounded with the heat coming off the bike. I was completely miserable. With fall and winter coming, whatever speedster I end up with will be getting an ac/heater installed and proper jetting. I also usually run 100 Octane Fuel because it helps prevent pre-detonation and it takes much longer to go bad.  Thanks for the input.  Like I said I love how much energy this group has.  



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