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It took me from 1984(the silver-blue Beck article with the female Dean and the ice cooler) until 2002 to get my first Spyder. For a while I saved every article I could find, and bought every replicar magazine available. FYI, that first article I saw hooked me in 1984. It was Dune Buggies and Hot VWs I think and eventually became European car. Back then, I had a Scirocco I.

Any one remember a column that was in Kit Car Illustrated (KCI) in the late 90's called "Last chance Garage".  While I was big into the Corvair scene this columnist contacted me because he was building a Spyper replica and was powering it with a Turbo Corvair Flat 6 cylinder engine. He wrote about the progress of the build each month. He actually cut the Spyder in half longways to widen it 6" for some reason. Anyway he contacted me to supply him a special turbo exhaust housing I used to make that produced boost at a lower RPM and higher turbine speeds at the higher RPM's to produce up to 30 PSI boost. Does any old readers of KCI Magazine from the late 90's remember this? I would love to see the progress of the build and how it finally turned out. The only column I saw was the one he sent me that mentioned my name as the supplier of the turbo housing.

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In 1988 I was a medical intern with 2 kids.  The article "Classic evil" is from a Car and Driver magazine from 1988.  I put that issue away for safe keeping.  Another kid later in 1997 when I was a practicing doc I pulled out that magazine and dialed the phone number in that article.  Chuck Beck answered the phone.  I actually ended up getting a 1999 Vintage Spyder after meeting with Chuck Beck and a VERY young Greg Leach.

Somewhere I have that KCI "Brazilian Connection article with a 1988 price list tucked inside it ($10K roller, IIRC). I dreamt above owning a Spyder from then until 2013 when I bought mine. 



Pulled it out for the first time this year today.  Fired up on the second attempt and idled at 900rpm after about 15 seconds. Took it for a short trip, then remembered it's got comp only on it so I put it back. Pulling it apart for the disc brakes and new clutch m/c next week as soon as the parts get here. 


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