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Bruce, do it. Put it under the hood. Getting under there requires a lot of planning, all tools and supplies at hand and plenty of light.

I had some patio furniture pads laid out on the floor and the seats out. Then it isn't too bad. I have a pic on my cell phone of my girlfriend under there when I had a cast on my ankle though........

But on the other hand, once it's all done right and proven you don't have much call to access it.

R Vosari.....Loved your comment and the photo was great too !

Danny...I think I will. Your right about if everything is correct I may never need to open the fuse box.

Wolfgang...Not a bad idea either.

Alan.......This would be my second choice.

I finished the fiberglass box and will mount it in the firewall and install a door panel in the trunk. I'll use some 1/8" X 1/2" closed cell foam gasket material to seal the door and keep out the trunk fumes, if any. I'll post a photo later.

I'm Mexico again. A thief broke into my garage down here so I had to come and repair the break-in. They stole a few things but I got it all back because my video recorder did a nice job. I took the chip down to P.D. and they knew them so immediately went to where they live and arrested him and his girl friend and picked up my stuff. Mostly hand power tools. Head back to Arcadia Ca.on Monday.

My Birthday today. I'm alone so I guess I'll make some Brownies with black walnuts in them and punch one candle in one of the squares. Woo-Hoo. !!...............Bruce

Bruce,  Happy Birthday!

I run a combination fuse/relay panel mounted in the frunk of my Speedster.  I’ll find some photos and post something for you.  It sits in the corner right in front of the driver’s left knee.  All the wiring goes through the bulkhead and into the various harnesses.  

Found a photo:



Fuse Panel



Images (2)
  • IMG_1357
  • Fuse Panel
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R Vosari posted:


You may laugh but I just redid my pedals and after breaking my back attempting to kneel on the driver's side and work through the driver's door, I found that bungeeing my passenger door open and laying across both seats (after removing the steering wheel) was rather comfortable. The only issue I had was finding an angle for my right arm when drilling new holes for the MCs because I needed to use the handle with the hole saw. 

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