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Directly behind the firewall VS sometimes instals a fuel filter... sounds like it may have come loose.  I would suspect that is where the fuel is coming from if you are seeing gas leaking in front/ inboard of you driver side rear wheel.

how to check-

1. Looking into your engine compartment you should see your fuel line going through the firewall. You want to look directly behind this location of the fire wall.

2. Then, come around  and get under your car, forward of the rear drivers side tire/ wheel. ( may require jacking it up.. be safe, use a jack stand and block your tires).

3, look on the other side of the fire wall.  You will see that fuel line coming through, follow the fuel line  ( about 10”) and you will see a fuel filter dangling there.  The fuel filter is installed between the fire wall and the túnel.  

If you find one there, and it’s the source of the leak- tighten the clamps.  And if it’s one of the beefy metal ones, you may want to brace the filter to the firewall to keep it from swinging around/ coming loose in the future.

Many of these cars come with the flimsy plastic fuel filter which can easily crack if it’s hit by road debris /a rock in this location—  Speaking from experience.   If you find a plastic one in this location you may want to consider replacing with a metal fuel filter from your local auto supply store ( autozone, Napa, etc..).

...dangerous place for a leak.
hope this helps,

For your reference- things to consider while under your car... checking on your fuel line connections.

plastic fuel filter looks like this- not great:


metal fuel filter sample- better;


Also, you may want to consider replacing the screw on clamps, with a spring clamp.

remove- Clamp commonly used by VS. as hose ages/ shrinks leaks can develop since they are not self tightening.


instal something like this- fuel line clamp;



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This is what is referred to as a Fuel Injection clamp, available at NAPA etc.                  This is all I use.

Aba 21010 Mini Fuel Injection Style Clamp 10-Pk, Size: One Size

I buy stainless ones in quantity from CAP Hardware. Norma and ABA are the brands I use. Typically you can get a 10 pack for what most retailers charge. And a 10 pack will just about do your whole fuel system.


I also prefer the ABA because of the Phillips/Hex head, although I almost alway use a nut driver on the hex.


While you're on CAP, you can order a rubber covered SS clamp to hold your fuel filter in place, if you don't have one already.


Pictured is a 3/4" clamp, they have them up to 2 1/4"  


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@DannyP posted:

I use those nice rubber-coated clamps on all my braided oil lines.

IMO, they're one of the handiest things out there. I use them to

  • Hold my oil catch can to the roll bar.
  • Hold my fuel lines to prevent chaffing.
  • Hold my fuel pressure regulator/filter to the torsion beam.
  • Hold my fuel filter in place up front.
  • Hold my clamshell release lever to the frame beside my seat.
  • Hold my accelerator Bowden tube against the trans to keep it from flopping around.
  • And, oddly enough, hold wiring in place.

I'm sure there's one or two spots I've forgotten.

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