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Another dumb question but I got into this convo with a buddy today and wanted to see what others have done.

For the Trans plugs on a Type 1 Tranny for draining and filling do you...

1. Use RTV  or Teflon Tape on the threads when installing?


2. Just screw it in and tighten?

Wait till this baby hits 88mph....your going to see some serious shit!!

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Ok so changed out the gear oil, cleaned all the threads and re installed. Took out for a drive and got the car up to speed and warmed up. Unfortunately it started leaking from the two bottom drain plugs. 

Drained again, Cleaned and re installed with some RTV on the threads. This fixed the leaks after I took the car out again for an hour drive. Maybe my threads are a little damaged? Didn't feel anything dragging on the threads the first time. Guess some need a bit of sealant to help. 

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