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When my TR Spyder arrived, the badging was incomplete, and what was on it was so faded that it looked as if it had been stored in the desert for the past decade.  LOL  On the front was one Porsche crest, and on the tail was a sad and delaminated PORSCHE badge. 

So, I've had some fun installing new headlight to body gaskets, new grille gaskets, Porsche badges and crests, and the "SPYDER" script on each front flank.   Wow, this new gold jewelry really does amp up the look of car!

A shout out to @chines1, as the grill gaskets they sent me were the cat's meow.  I tried to reattach the originals with no joy, and then ordered some new from another vendor that just didn't have the right shape.  Beck Parts' gasket, however, was extremely easy to work with and they look fantastic.   Oh, and I polished the grills with compound, too.  ;-)

Lastly, my year-of-manufacture plate arrived last weekend from being approved by the Florida DMV, and it's the icing on the cake. 


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It’s actually fake. I got a normal vintage vanity plate and had a place in Florida that makes plates for sho biz do me a ‘55 plate with that reg number. As my Spyder is titled as a 55 and it’s legal to have a YOM plate here, it’s “kind of” legal. I’m counting on a LEO not being discerning enough to know (or care.)

I need to get a new safety inspection sticker for my lexan windscreen.


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Last summer I attended the monthly Palm Beach Cars and Coffee event, which has hundreds and hundreds of cars.  As I was wanting a vanity plate for my Porsche 997 at the time, I paid attention plates there to gain ideas.  Gosh, was I blown away by the number of owners who had changed the colors, the logos, etc., of their state-issued plates.  It was made clear to me then that the authorities pay no attention to this sort of thing.  And to your credit, your faux plate is the same as your legit.  Very cool!  

I’ve seen a few specialty plates that replaced the horseless carriage with vehicle logos. All of our specialty plates use that format, with different stickers. Every thing from college logos to trout, elk, birds, Special Olympics, etc.

Whats weird is that several years ago, our legislature OK’d vintage Black/white* plates, but they never issued them because, according to the DMV lady I spoke with, they couldn’t find a manufacturer with reflective black paint. You see Black plates all they time, but they are illegal.

* I have black/white plates because that’s what 55 format was. Back then, plates changed colors every year. Late 70’s, they started issuing new colored stickers instead, and offered two plates, Ski Utah and Centennial (Zion NP) plates. There are about 20 you can choose from now.

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I need to get a new safety inspection sticker for my Lexan windscreen.

Years ago I had a white epoxy ink stamp " DOT AS-1"    ( the kind that are used on PC boards) that worked great for Lexan. Loaned it out and never got it back ....

Google it. I found mine on a site that did all sorts of stuff. License plates as well. They had stickers from all 50 states and just about any year, along with a bunch of generic stuff like the oil change stickers, etc.

eta: found it.

(And now I remember why I didn’t order 2 the first time)

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