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Well, after six months my IM is finally (almost) on the road.
The bad news first:
1. My beautiful Yokohama ES100's (195) rub on one side, the passenger rear. The previous owner already took off most of the inner fiberglass lip. I guess its machine the rotors, (or the inside of the Porsche replica wheels) or buy new (meaning less performance) tires in 185 x 15. I need about 1/8 to 1/4 " more clearance.
2. Oil leaked at the base of the generator tower. Put in a new gasket and goop, put it all together and it leaks again. It's a Bernie Bergman 911 shroud and generator stand, but it was on the car for 5000 miles and didn't will take off and try again. Luckily, I don't have to take off the shroud to get at the stand.
3. Passenger rear disc is dragging. I can feel it at a slow idle pace. Driver's side rotor is slightly warm, while the passenger side is hot (driving along without using the brakes and then coming to a slow stop using very little braking power)
4. Front tire (passenger) rubs on sharp turn-in. Adjusted steering stop/bolt to its max to stop tire from contacting suspension.
Now, the good things
1. The power from the 2110 is very good. Lots of go! Low end torque is still excellent (stayed with 40 x 35.5 with a good porting job)
2. The Gene Berg shifter is fantastic! Shifts like a Mazada Miata! I can't believe how short the shifts are. You have to drive a vehicle with this shifter in it to really see how great they are.
3. The Webers work like a flat spots or stumbles.
4. Exhaust sounds great...a bit loud, but what the hell....
5. Four wheel disc brakes work great...firm pedal.

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