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I am ordering a new car from Vintage Motor Next week, Iโ€™m going to sell my current CMC, Porsche gray with baseball interior. Iโ€™ll post pictures.  Not anxious to sell it, wanted to keep it until the new one is delivered but open to selling now. Registered in California.
Feel free to message me if you or anyone you know might be interested.

Have a great weekend.

Speedster Alli aka Alli aka Allison

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I remember discussions here on your car - a CMC.  I love the "modern" color combo of dark metallic grey and baseball glove tan. You've never posted a picture of it though!  Recall you were going to polish up the Hibachi cast aluminum grill - how did that come out?

What is the wait from VMC now?  Beck SE seems to be 2-3 years!  Even though you are in Calif, you might want to wait until Spring to sell when prices seem to peak.

Someone recently posted a link to a bright blue CMC that was well done but nothing exceptional on eBay for $50k.

I only posted in two groups that I would consider selling now instead of waiting for my new VMC to arrive. Kind of bummed I am speedster-less until April or so but so happy the guy that bought it has dreamed of owning one since he was 16.

she will be very loved.  

maybe if I show up on VMCโ€™s lot every day they would get sick of me and put me to the front of the line ๐Ÿ˜Ž



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