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I was talking to theron about a Group Buy on our cup holders, and the idea is out there if any of you are interested. You might have seen some of our cup holders on this forum. The group buy is this, it's limited to 30 cup holders, we can run the special until Election day, Nov 6. We are offering the polished horizontal single at 10% off retail(135.00). Here is the deal, SOC members will get 5%(7.50) off initial purchase, if all 30 are sold by Election day, we will refund you ANOTHER 5%!!! Typically, you need 2 holders per car, so that's only 15 owners who would get the deal. PLUS, if you buy a pair at one time, we'll automatically give you the full 10%. But you MUST mention the SOC group buy when initial contact is made. Email and let us know about the SOC Group buy, and we will reply with all the necessary stuff.  Thanks for your time, Rich

solstice polished close up

solstice polished closed


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  • solstice polished close up
  • solstice polished closed
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Indetrucks, I don't think you're an ass. And the 5% starting price is called a marketing plan. You see, it gets people talking, like you, and when they talk your item gets noticed. Then when the right guys buy your item, and they receive it, and it's Absolutely the coolest part they've bought for their car in a LONG time...they will come back and let everybody else know.  You sir, are probably not the right guy for this item. That's all. No worries. Now, don't you feel better about yourself?

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