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I will go for a specific car. The L&M 917 CanAm car, in it's day the ultimate sledge hammer which I enjoyed watching stomp the Mclarens, Shadowes, Marches. Lolas and other wannabes. Next favorite Porsche is the 906 which defined the look of a generation or two of racing cars. Favorite all time race car was the Art Pollard driven and Andy 'the fat man' Granatelli's #40 turbine car which I saw at Langhorne and Trenton. Talk about ahead of it's time. Come to think of it the governing bodies, SCCA and USAC, treated my 2 favorite cars in a similar manner.

The opinions expressed here have no value whatsoever.

I went for a ride the other day in Chuck Becks 904 prototype ( should be in production soon for alot less money than that car). It has a 3.2 litre 911 mill turning about 330 HP. Yesterday I was behind him in my Corvette ('90 coupe 250 HP)when we were going to lunch and it left me like I was standing still! It is fast, but not scarey fast like his 700HP Lister. JMHO
btw the beck 904 will have 2 versions, "R" for racing and "S" for street with electric roll-up windows and A/C. I've heard the price will be around $50k (without engine and transaxel), not bad considering what new cars cost, especially one that can perform like this little beauty.
Attached is a picture, at least one was in my driveway breifly.
The other foto is one I thought everyone would get a kick out of.


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