After a year of straightening a wrecked Vee out we hit the track in CT. Very exciting in the off-and-on rain -spun twice. Those little engines sing on aircraft fuel. A little frightening at times. Now back to the speedster and 914. 


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Really nice.

You go off and have a great Formula Vee weekend and don't even let the rest of the Northeast Replica crowd know it's even happening so we can't sow up.

Not that I would have made it, as I was totally rebuilding my rear deck in between infrequent showers, but it's the thought that counts.

Send out a schedule and a few of us (or at least me) will show up!

A growing class if anyone is interested. The engine build was very interesting. Every little detail like measuring valve lift down to three decimals. $1200 intake manifolds that are enlarged by heating and pushing a steel ball through. But on AC fuel they go. I'm still learning and getting my sh&t together. Tremendous group too. 

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